I, Alexander (by profession an energy engineer and breeder of this nursery) and my wife Olga (by profession a doctor) are very pleased to welcome you to our website of Alaskan malamutes.

This site is dedicated to the dogs of our kennel Star Terreno.

We are often asked: «Why Malamutes? «Why no one else?»

But because malamute is a combination of strength, energy, kindness, intelligence and excellent health.

These qualities lie in the foundation of our family and, accordingly, in our dogs.

When working with this wonderful breed, we first of all take into account their health, appearance, working qualities, as well as mental balance. The dogs of the kennel live in spacious caves. Puppies in the cold season in warm rooms. All dogs have the possibility of daily walking. There they receive a sufficient breed load. In his spare time, this is sledding
children, jogging on a bicycle and of course swimming in reservoirs.

You can buy an Alaskan malamute puppy from us, for show, sledding or a pet. We hope you will like our pets. We
remember and love every puppy sold from our house, we are always ready to help all our graduates and their owners.